GOAAZK Members

Supporting Keepers 

GOAAZK has quarterly grants to help support members with national memberships and covering some costs of attending Conferences and Workshops. 

Grant Levels:

  • $1000 (National and Chapter membership required) - 30 hours

  • $500 -  (National and Chapter membership required) - 24 hours

  • $250 (National and Chapter membership required) - 16 hours

  • $100 (Chapter membership required) - 8 hours

  • $50 (Chapter membership required) - 4 hours

GOAAZK Grant Application

Membership Dues:

National AAZK Members: $5

Non-National AAZK Members: $15 (local chapter membership only)

GOAAZK Membership Application


We are animal care professionals dedicated to excellence in the animal field and fostering the preservation of our natural world. 


Email: goaazk@gmail.com

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