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Bowling for Rhinos 

Each year the American Association of Zoo keepers (AAZK) sponsors a fund raising bowl-a-thon called “Bowling For Rhinos” (BFR). AAZK chapters participate throughout the US and Canada raising over $500,000 annually. Funds raised through BFR benefit the International Rhino Foundation, one of the largest rhino foundations with a long history of conservation, study and protection of rhino populations; the Lewa Wildlife conservancy, a targeted foundation and wildlife sanctuary in Kenya where half of the country’s wild rhino population is protected and thrives; and Action for Cheetahs, a key supporter in the conservation of rhinos which share much of the same habitat as cheetahs.

For more information please visit AAZK.

Can't attend? You can still make a difference! Please consider making a donation. The rhinos thank you for your support.

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